Savor firm, "al dente" pasta cooked in rich, flavorful sauces.

Go Stoveless

Cooking pasta used to require a fully-stocked kitchen and time. Pasta Noodles™ uses innovative technology to produce the same delicious pasta - no stove, cookware, or cleanup required.

Exceptional Ingredients

Pasta Noodles™ believes in using only high quality, real food ingredients. Our pasta is made from just three ingredients: semolina, water, and salt. Our sauces are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Authentically Italian

Pasta Noodles™ are made in Italy, where we’ve spent years of research to capture regional flavors in a convenient package. Our approach and technology are new, but the flavor is rooted in Italian tradition that can be traced back to 4th century BC.

Clean Eating That Satisfies

Pasta Noodles™ are created using steam technology, never fried in unhealthy fats. Our meals are non-GMO, zero trans fat, preservative free, and a good source of protein. All for under 300 calories.